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Minakari Portrait

Persiada is proud to offer Handpainting Enamel (a.k.a Minakari) Portrait Drawing on Copper Plates. This Persian Art is now being revolutionalized by our artists. Persida has now made this great detail-oriented art available for the global craft lovers.


Below is the short image proof to illustrate each step of the Minakari and its great level details required to provide a unique portrait.

Could this be a great idea for your wall decoration? Simply let us convert any of your loved photos to an Enamel Minakari Portrait on a plate of your desired size.


Simply fill out the preorder form below (No payments required) and upload your loved photo. We will then get back to you with the final cost and the lead time.

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For any question, simply contact us via Whatsapp or Messenger. Response within 4hrs 24/7.

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