How to Use our Crafts Pool

How to Choose

Here is a complete instruction on how to shop from our Crafts Pool. Each step is explained with a photo to make it easier for you to follow.

Browse & Choose Your Crafts

Browse our Pool of Persian Handicrafts. Here is a link to our Persian Crafts Pool.

Love This

Once you found your favourite handicraft(s), then click the "Love This" Button

Pop-up Form: Continue or Submit

On the pop-up form, you can either select to "Continue" which you will be returned to the previous screen without filling the form. This is useful if you still want to explore more crafts.

If you have decided to finalize your selection, then you have to fill out the required information as explained in the next step.

Filling the Pop-up Form

You have to fill out your complete name, E-mail address for our communication purposes.

For Telephone, a Mobile number is much more appreciated. This can help us reach you faster via Whatsapp or Viber for additional questions and information.

For address, just put your destination country so to better help us to estimate the shipping time.

For Comment section, please type whatever question you have regarding the handicrafts. Most of our customers aks question about size, price, more photos, shipping time, lead time. So please feel free

More Questions, Feel free to send us an email

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