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08 Apr Pricing Of Persian Iranian Termeh (cashmere) Part II
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Post: Pricing of Persian Iranian Termeh HandicraftsWhile buying termeh ,you will have to be careful about what are you paying for?Normally termeh is an expensive piece  .Shopping for termeh have these factors in mind: Pieces with lining are pric..
06 Apr History Of Persian Iranian Termeh (cashmere) Part I
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Post: Read about the History of Persian Iranian Termeh HandicraftsBuy Persian Termeh Handicrafts at: www.persianhandicrafts.comFacebook: :
31 Mar Ghalam-zani -Engraving-Metal Work- Qalamzanī
Reza 0 5474
Ghalam-zani -Engraving-Metal Work- Qalamzanī     Name of Persian Handicraft : Ghalam-zani -Engraving-Metal Work (Persian: قلم زنی)Description:  Engraving(Ghalam Zani) is the art of carving superb designs on various metals such as copper, brass..
31 Mar Memories of a Visitor to Iran
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Memories of a Visitor to IranWhile in some countries, most of their souvenirs are imported from China, Iran has a huge selection of local traditional souvenirs. They range from the cheapest key chain to the most expensive Persian carpets. The trad..
30 Mar Artist Demonstration: Persian Miniature Painting from Harvard Art Museums
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Artist Demonstration: Persian Miniature Painting from Harvard Art Museums on Vimeo.Join Our Social Networks Today & Claim Your Discount. T&C applies        ..
29 Mar Introduktion til Isfahan Handicrafts
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Isfahan persiske Håndarbejde Isfahan Rug  Tæpper er en af ​​de første kunstneriske håndværk, som er blevet vævet siden oldtiden i Persien. Iranske Tæpper har altid været berømt over hele verden. Næsten alle internationale turist..
28 Mar Introduction to Isfahan Handicrafts
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Isfahan Handicrafts Isfahan CARPET  Carpets are one of the first artistic handicrafts which have been woven since ancient times in Persia . Iranian Carpets have always been famous all over the world. Almost all international tou..
17 Mar What is a Persian Handicrafts? (Article 3)
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www.handicraftsonlinestore.comwww.persiscrafts.com In rural areas traditional crafts remained more resis­tant to E..
12 Mar What is a Persian Handicrafts? (Article 2)
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The main published sources for the study of contemporary crafts in Persia are H. E. Wulff’s The Traditional Crafts of Persia. Their Development, Technology, and Influence on Eastern and Western Civilizations, published in 1966 but based primarily on ..
12 Mar What is a Persian Handicrafts? (Article 1)
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 Persian HandicraftsAlthough crafts have always played a predominant role in the artistic history of Persia, in this century new market forces and social currents have interacted with deeply rooted traditions to produce new types of objects, as ..
09 Mar Iran's handicraft exports up
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Tehran, Oct 25, IRNA - Handicraft exports registered a 41-percent growth during March 21-Sept. 22, against the same period of last year, said a senior official of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO). Iran's handicr..
09 Mar A Survey of Persian handicraft: a pictorial introduction to the contemporary folk arts and art crafts of modern Iran
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To know more on Persian Handicrafts, you may buy the Google book on Persian Handicrafts: Our Social Networks Today & Claim Your Discount. T&..
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