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How to order from our Fulfilment Service

Preorder from Bazaar in less than 2 minutes. No Payments Required.

Craft Pool™ is the name of our Fulfilment Service to offer a much Wider & Cheaper range of Persian Handicrafts directly from the Persian Bazaar.

Persiada takes responsibility & guarantees the Highest Quality, Exceptional Handling and Fast Shipping from order to final delivery to our customers.

This page explains how to order your Persian crafts from our Crafts Pool. Each step is illustrated with a photo to make it easier to follow.

The first step is to select "Direct from Bazaar" from To Menu and select your Persian Crafts categories or go to the crafts pool page by clicking here.

Select your Persian crafts category to see all the crafts available by Persiada Artists. Go to the Persian Craft page and click the Enquiry or Easy Reorder.

You will then see a pop up asking a few simple questions and clicking submit. This is the whole process, and no payment is required. Once we have received your email, we will come back to you with our Persian Crafts suggestion that matches your desires.

Reach us via the social channels, and you will immediately hear from us with all the information you need to place your final order. We will typically respond for less than one day. If you need an ultra-quick reply, simply reach us via Whatsapp or Messenger.