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Who We Are


Persiada was established in 2014 to sell a unique luxury range of Genuine Persian Handicrafts made by Persian Artists. Our crafts are hand-picked, obsessively curated collections of the most beautiful handicrafts from the Persian Bazaar. Persian handicrafts come in a wide variety and types. Here is a brief list of our unique handicraft collection:

  • Miniature Detailed Painting (Miniator)
  • Enamel Painting on Copper (Minakari)
  • Metal Engraving (Ghalamzani)
  • Wood & Copper Marquetry (Khatamkari)
  • Turquoise Stone Inlaying (Firoozeh Koob)
  • Tapestry Handprinted Textile (Ghalamkar)
  • Termeh Quilted Textile
  • Accessories

Persiada strives to make every purchase a positive experience. Our top priorities are excellent customer service, rapid order processing, ultra-fast and free shipping times, and a hassle-free secure checkout process. We value your positive or constructive feedback, and we are continuously working to improve your experience.

PineappleDr Reza Davoodnezhad (Persiada founder) grew up in Isfahan, a well-known city for its unique Persian handicrafts and rugs. His father is the owner of Kimiya Carpet based in Tokyo, specialising in selling luxury Persian Rugs. After he migrated to Australia and then to the Netherlands, he completed his B.Eng and PhD and worked as a Sr. Electrical Engineer for several years. Reza has kept a solid mutual bond with Persian culture, food, and traditional handmade arts during all of these years.

The recognition of Persian Crafts' uniqueness immensely helped Reza create an educative and selling platform to showcase and sell Local Persian Arts to Global Crafts Lovers. Hence, in 2014 he launched Persiada with a strong focus on collecting and selling distinctive Persian Handicrafts. Since then, Persiada has consistently grown and expanded its artists and customer network. Over these years, Persiada has cooperated with many artists around Iran to broaden its activity range. Persiada has sold and successfully delivered Persian crafts to over 50 countries with a return rate of less than 0.4% so far. This gives us great confidence in the work done by our artists and, more importantly, our 5-star customer service ratings.

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