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Wall Hanging Plate


These unique enamel wall plate sets are offered in three different sizes. The black background is decorated with specific Khatai flowers and Toranj motifs that connected like an Eslimi design. These beautiful details make these enamel plates busy and luxurious.➡️ What is Minakari the Persian St..
This beautiful enamel plate painting with a flower and bird on the white background with azure blue margins has a specific elegant design. The flower and bird symbolize the divine grace and the delicate manifestation of the creator.   ➡️ What is Minakari the Persian Style Enamel Handpainting?..
This beautiful wall plate is a square shape with multi curved edges. In the centre of the craft is a painted with rare purple colour Eslimi design. Its design with Khatai flowers on the azure blue background is made from beautiful Toranj paintings. There are beautiful flowers in the white margins of..
This craft presents an enameled copper plate in the shape of a grape leaf. In the center, there is a bouquet decorated with Khatai and Farang flowers on a white background. In the margins, Khatai motifs are painted on an azure blue background. This special enamel plate can be used as a catering plat..
This beautiful enamel plate is in the shape of Toranj with curved and angled at the edges. The background of the plate is white with an azure blue and delicate flowers in the margin. Another background of the Toranj is azure blue with Khatai motifs inside it and a narrow Turquoise blue margin. The c..
This specific enamel wall plate ornamenting with Khatai flowers like an Eslimi design moves towards the centre it ends in the central Toranj. Also, the Exceptional green background seems to be part of the Persian garden. If you are interested in having symbolic and elegant crafts, it's a suitable op..
This specific enamel wall plate with a flower and Bird design is an exquisite handicraft. The black background with the white color around it makes this unique flower and bird painting a highlight. The White background has different motifs of Toranj Eslimi separated which makes it magnificent. The b..
These elegant Enamel Photo frames or Mirror frames have a crown design that adds to the beauty of the effect. In the painting of these crafts, Azure blue and light blue colours are used for the background with Khatai and Shah Abbasi flowers motifs. These unique Frames are a beautiful gift for your f..
This Craft presented is a high-quality copper enamel plate. This unique enamel plate has an Azure blue background and colorful Khatai flowers with a larger design that make this plate different from typical minakari. The specific light blue margins are painted with all artistry. ➡️ What is Minakari..
Wall Plate | Hand Painted Minakari | HE6104 Wall Plate | Hand Painted Minakari | HE6104
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This Enamel Wall hanging Plate is painted with special relaxing colours to conceptualise the Heaven with Birds and Plants on a phthalo turquoise background.   ➡️ What is Minakari the Persian Style Enamel Handpainting? Minakari is the art of colouring and ornamenting the surface of copper by ..
This Miniature handpainted the scene of Persian traditional sport Chogan decorated with double frame, the inner is Tazhib painting on paper & the outer is made from classy Khatamkari. What is Persian Miniature Painting? Miniature Painting or Miniator is a small handmade oil painting on paper a..
This miniature painting shows the Persian banquet of food & wine handpainted w shiny colors for live feeling on the wall. The painting is framed with premium quality Khatamkari with 5 different geometrical patterns. What is Persian Miniature Painting? Miniature Painting or Miniator is a small ..
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