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Moaraghkari Wood Inlay

Did you know at Persiada, you can order the great art of Moaraghkari Wood Inalying Craft. Persida has now made this great detail-oriented art available for global craft lovers.

Moaraghkari or Wood Inlaying (Moaragh) is the art of substituting the different parts of a design with coloured pieces of wood and integrating them to decorate the surface of a tableau or wooden surface. Lexically, Inlaid (Moaragh) means a set of tiny pieces joined together to form a mechanism.

For Moaraghkari, many different wood types are used, such as Sour Orange’s Wood, Jujube Wood, Berberis Wood, Poplar Wood and Walnut Wood.

When the cuts are ready, they are stuck together with wood glue on the main sheet and smooth gently with sandpapers. The outcome will be much prettier if the drawing is more elaborate and the saw’s line is recognisable, making the main drawing highly important. Could this be a great idea for your wall decoration? Let us convert any of your loved photos to Moaraghkari Masterpiece.

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