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This beautiful Khatamkari notepaper holder in the square model is a precious and practical handicraft. This unique notepaper holder is made with a classic Khatam design around it. The edges and inside of it are made with beech wood. In front of it, a space in the shape of a semicircle is empty that ..
This classy wall clock is a combination of Enamel and Khatam. The Khatam frame with shiny stars has the highest quality. In the center, a specific hand painting on copper with Khatai flowers on turquoise blue on the margins make it magnificent. Everyone is fascinated by seeing this unique handicraft..
This small Sliding Khatamkari box is one of the best handicrafts and has the highest quality of Khatam. Around the box is designed with classic Khatam. On the top of the box, specific designs of Khatam in black and gold made it shiny and elegant. The inside of the box and back of the box is made wit..
This privileged Khatam marquetry tissue box has several types of Khatam. This beautiful Khatam with an Embossed brown frame in the shape of a golden star is mixed with classic Khatam design around it. The black and red Khatam around the frame makes it unique. The inside of the box and Toothed bases ..
This unique Khatamkari Jewellery box with a shiny star shape is an elegant box to keep precious Jewellery. This specific Jewellery box has the best type of Khatam and, all its parts even, the bottom of the box decorated with Khatam. The white edges of this beautiful Khatam in it made with Camel Bone..
This magnificent sliding Khatamkari box design with beautiful Birds and Flowers miniature on the top and Stars shape khatam around to double the beauty of this craft. This unique box is a good choice for jewellery and business cards on the table. ➡️ What is Khatamkari the Persian Style Marquetr..
This beautiful Khatam wall clock is a combination of art and time. The star in the heart of this craft makes it attractive. This unique all-wall clock Khatam is made with several kinds of Khatam that increase the value of the artwork and make it luxurious. How good to see the time with a look at thi..
This set of beautiful handmade wooden Bowls with a specific khatam design around it in the shape of stars have two sizes. These wonderful Bowls are a unique combination of Traditional style Persian Khatam with Walnut wood that, in turn, it is unique and no one has it like that. They are suitable for..
This Classy Khatam on wood tissue box with a hinged door and shiny star design is one of the most beautiful practical crafts. The inside of the box is made with beech wood and the cutter part is made with camel bone. The placement of the Khatamkari tissue box on the table is very eye-catching and ev..
This Luxurious hexagon all Khatam candy-nuts dish has three separate sections with a unique Tazhib design and traditional colours such as azure blue, Turquoise blue, and brown on the Lozenged-shape door. This royal candy-nuts dish is put on the table to entertain guests or use as a valuable decorati..
This Handmade Pen Holder is richly covered by detailed Khatam with a Persian Motif Khatam Design. This keeps your desk neat & tidy with a little Drawer in front of it and two Pen-Holders on both sides. ➡️ What is Khatamkari the Persian Style Marquetry?Khatamkari (Persian Marquetry) is the i..
The mini Jewellery Khatamkari Box is covered by bluish Tazhib art on the top and classic Khatamkari made by seashell, Wood and Brass. This is nice little art for your makeup table corner. ➡️ What is Khatamkari the Persian Style Marquetry?Khatamkari (Persian Marquetry) is the incrustation patter..
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