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Runner 2M Tablecloth | Hand-Woven Termeh | Persiada HT6105

Runner 2M Tablecloth | Hand-Woven Termeh | Persiada HT6105

This long Termeh Runner has a traditional Persian dark Green background and even Silver Paisleys scatterd all over the fabric. The light Green Satin covered the backside.Termeh fabric made of Wool and Silk fibers. This quilted textile gives a great Silky look to your dinner table, couches or bed.

What is Termeh the Persian Luxury Quilted Textile?

Termeh has originally known as a sort of hand weaved colourful textile with special patterns mainly Persian Paisley which was originated in Yazd. 

Traditionally, the cloth was hand-woven using natural silk and wool fibre. Weaving Termeh is a sensitive, careful and time-consuming work such that a good weaver could produce only 25-30 centimetres in a day. 

Although nowadays they are not 100% handmade, a good quality Termeh can be woven maximum of 100cm due to limited sewing machines for weaving Termeh.

Some of the main Termeh designs are Checked pattern, Stripped pattern, Atabaki pattern and Zomorrodi pattern.

The number of colours used is a very important factor representing how much labour was used for a piece as the number of colours increases the piece is priced dramatically higher.

Crafts Details
Size100 cm X 200 cm
MaterialMix of Rayon, Cotton and Wool
UsageRunner 2M Tablecloth , Furniture Cloth, Persian Gift
OriginateMade in Yazd / Persia (Iran)

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