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Turquoise Stone & Copper Pedestal Candy/Nuts Bowl Dish - HTI2012 | Persiada

Turquoise Stone & Copper Pedestal Candy/Nuts Bowl Dish - HTI2012 | Persiada

Turquoise Inlaying or Firoozeh Koobi both on jewellery and containers include a copper, brass, silver, nickel or bronze object on parts of the surface of which small pieces of turquoise are set in mosaic fashion thus giving the object a special glamour. The production of Turquoise Inlaying includes two general stages:

  • Goldsmith is making and preparation of the object intended for Turquoise Inlaying using one of the metals indicated above.
  • Turquoise Inlaying correct placement of turquoise chips on the metal so that it is strong enough and the chips do not come off while burnishing the work.

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Crafts Details
SizeMax Height: 10.5cm Max Diameter: 10cm
Weight325 gr
MaterialTurquoise Stone Inlaying on Copper Bowl Dish
UsagePedestal Candy Dish , Nuts Bowl, Decorative Crafts, Persian Gift
OriginateHandmade in Isfahan / Persia (Iran)

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