3PCS Termeh Luxury Tablecloth - HT3001

3PCS Termeh Luxury Tablecloth - HT3001

Termeh has originally known as a sort of hand weaved colourful textile with special patterns mainly Persian Paisley which was originated in Yazd. Traditionally, the cloth was hand-woven using natural silk and wool fibre.Weaving Termeh is a sensitive, careful and time-consuming work that a good weaver could produce only 25-30 centimetres in a day.

Although nowadays they are not 100% hand made, a good quality Termeh can be woven maximum of 100cm a day and since there are only a few machines for weaving Termeh, it is still an exclusive and costly motif. In Yazd which is the main city for Termeh, there are only 50 weaving machines.These days the material used for weaving Termeh is Rayon (artificial silk). The background colours which are usually jujube red, light red, green, orange and black.Termeh can take the form of fabric, sheets, panels and other shapes and can be used to make a tablecloth, bag, scarf, belt, pillow case, cushion, etc.

Good quality traditional Termeh is part of a family's heirloom in much the same way as are Kashmiri scarves. They are often an article used in Iranian weddings as a floor spreadsheet. Gold and silver threads may be incorporated either into the weave, as part of an embroidered pattern or as a border.In the past, king and riches used brocade Termeh textiles for weaving costly dresses. Also, termeh textile has been gifted as a valuable present from bride family since ancient times. Nowadays Termeh can be used to make a pillow, tablecloth, bag, belt, coverlet, tie, etc.

Meaning: a limber cypress and the curvature in front of God

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Item Details
Size Largest (1 pcs): Max Width:48cm Max Legnth:93cm max Thickness=1.5cm Smallest (2 pcs): Max Width:30.5cm Max Legnth:52.5cm max Thickness=1.5cm
Weight 420 gr
Material (s) Rayon, Cotton and Wool Fibre
Origination Made in Yazd / Persia (Iran)
Usage Three Pieces Tablecloth, Furniture Cloth, Sofa Decoration, Persian Gift

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