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New Request Price Travel Cosmetics Handmade Leather Bag w Pateh | HPW101 Persiada

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Pateh (a.k.a Pateh Doozi) is an Iranian traditional needlework folk art. It originated in Kerman Iran, where it is produced by Women Artists.

Pateh mainly consists of two parts: "shawl" (ariz) and thread. The ariz is thick wool, and the thread that is worked into it is coloured wool. Threads are dyed naturally, usually with henna, pomegranate, madder or the walnut's green husk. The patterns which are used in Pateh are normally divided into two main groups: "The Paisley" and "The Tree". 



Crafts Details
Size Height: 17 cm Diameter: 10 cm
Material Pateh Doozi made from Soft Wool, Cow Leather
Usage Travel Bag, Cosmetic Bag
Originate Handmade in Kerman, Iran

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