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Square Tablecloth | Hand Printed Ghalamkar | HGH7127 | Persiada

Square Tablecloth | Hand Printed Ghalamkar | HGH7127 | Persiada

The Square Ghalamkar tablecloth is adorned with The art of hand printing through the wooden stamps in several steps. The center is designed with beautiful cypress trees and Bote Jeghe in turquoise blue, azure blue, and mustard colors on a cream background. The margins also are decorated with standing Bote Jeghe. The house has a stunning beauty with this unique Ghalamkar cloth.

➡️ What is Ghalamkar Textile?

Ghalamkar fabric is a type of Textile handprinting or handpainting, patterned Iranian Fabric. The fabric is printed using patterned wooden stamps. The stamps are mostly made of pear wood which has better flexibility and density for carving and long-standing utility.

Ghalamkar designs are mostly arabesque, flora and fauna, geometric, pre-Islamic, hunting scenes, polo games, Persian poems, Armenian and Hebrew inscriptions.

A tapestry may be stamped depending on its density and size, between hundreds and tens of thousands of times. For instance, a six-person table-cloth (2 meters by 1.4 meters) should be stamped about 580 times in a normal work, while with the same size up to 4000 times in an elegant work.

In the final stage, Ghalamkar is steamed for at least an hour to stabilise their designs. Then, taken to the riverbed and kept to be soaked well along the running water. Afterwards, the pieces are boiled in large copper vessels containing stabilisers. At the same time, they are turned upside-down by some wooden sticks and washed again in the Zayandeh Rood, then spread on the banks to dry out.

Esfahan is one of the most important Ghalamkar producing cities throughout the world.

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Crafts Details
Size100 cm X 100 cm
MaterialHand Tapestry (Printing) with Wood Stamp on Cotton
UsageTablecloth, Furniture Cloth, Persian Gift
OriginateHandmade in Isfahan / Persia (Iran)

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