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Pedestal Platter Persian Enamel on Pottery | HPM532 | Persiada

Pedestal Platter Persian Enamel on Pottery | HPM532 | Persiada

Persian Pottery historically goes back to the early Neolithic Age (7th millennium BCE) in Iran. The Samanid period saw the creation of epigraphic pottery to include the production of Minakari-ware, enamelled with figures on white background dishes. Samarqand and Nishapur were both centres of production of this kind of pottery.

The Minakari (Enamel) on Pottery sold by Persiada is a fabulous handicraft presents the old Persian style dishes decorated with Minakari art from Isfahan artists in Iran.

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Crafts Details
SizeMax Diameter: 22 cm Max Height: 15 cm
WeightApprox. 500 grams
MaterialEnamel on Pottery
UsagePedestal Platter, Decorative Crafts, Persian Gift
OriginateIsfahan | Iran

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