About us - Persis Crafts

Persis Crafts is a joint venture with Kimiya Carpet Gallery specialised in high quality Persian handicrafts and rugs. The items in our store are handpicked from thousands of handicrafts in Persia while some of the items are specifically made for the purpose of our store. Our wide range of handicrafts includes:

  • Enamel Art
  • Engraving (Ghalam Zani)
  • Inlay Art (Khatam Kari)
  • Miniature Art
  • Persian Tapestry (Ghalamkar)
  • Termeh
  • Turquoise Inlaying
  • Accessories

These handicrafts come in a variety of beautiful designs, colours and sizes. 


In Persis Crafts, our main focus is to satisfy our loyal customers and to provide them with the best quality and the most suitable handcrafts. 


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 About Kimiya Carpet Gallery


Kimiya Galley has been established in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan. Kimiya Gallery is accredited by Japanese association of Persian carpets and rugs. We are

one of the main importer and wholesaler of Persian carpets and rugs in Tokyo, Japan. Our wide range of Persian carpets includes both pure silk, pure wool

or a combination of both. We have a wide variety of carpets from all over Persia, available in beautiful designs, colors and sizes. The high quality Persian

rugs usually come from the cities of Esfahan, Qum, Naeen and Tabriz.


Additionally we have a large stock of Persian Gabbeh (pure wool) and Persian kilim (pure cotton) which are at lower prices.


In Kimiya Galley our main focus is to satisfy our loyal customer and provide them with the best advice in order to buy the most suitable carpet for

them. Although there are many reasons to shop with us, however the most important ones are listed here:

  • Original and high quality Persian rugs & handicrafts
  • Fast shipping with online tracking status
  • Best price guaranteed for your quality rug and handicrafts
  • Secure payments comes with buyer protection policy

Kimiya Carpet Gallery Office Information


Phone: +81-3-5758 6940


Fax:      +81-3-5758 6950

Address: 5-17-6 Nakamachi Setagaya-Ku Tokyo, Japan, 〒158-0091F


Office Hours: 7 Days a Week From 10AM to 7:30PM