About us - Persis Crafts

Persis Crafts has been established in 2014 to sell a unique luxury range of Genuine Persian Handicrafts made by Persian Artists.  Our crafts are hand-picked, obsessively curated collection of the most beautiful handicrafts and rugs from the Persian market. Persian handicrafts come in a wide variety and of types.

Here is a brief list of our unique handicraft collection:

  • Miniature (Miniatori)
  • Enamel on Copper (Minkari)
  • Metal Engraving (Ghalam Zani)
  • Wood & Copper Inlaying (Khatam Kari)
  • Turquoise Stone Inlaying (Firoozeh Koob)
  • Tapestry Textile (Ghalamkar)
  • Termeh Textile
  • Accessories

Persis Crafts strives to make every purchase a positive experience. Our top priorities are excellent customer service, exceptionally quick order processing, ultra fast and free shipping times, and a hassle-free secure checkout process. We value your feedback, whether positive or constructive and we are continuously working to improve your experience.

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